So today my Blog is a very serious one. More so as this Month is Mental Health Awareness Month.

For some years now I have been a volunteer caseworker for a Military Charity where I have been in close contact with Veterans from recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and have seen first hand the devestating effect those experiences can have on Mental health. This ranges from PTSD and Trauma through to loneliness, anxiety and Depression. It is awful how poor Mental Health can impact on people. …

Prom Party

I am so thankful that I am from an era way before the import of the School Prom to the UK. As a bashful shy 15 yr old I simply would not have had the courage to ask my (in my own head) school sweetheart Pauline Stares to go to a Prom with me, never mind have a dance with her!!

However as a mature 60 something man living with WM I am now glad that I have found a PROM I can take part in without getting bashful or embarrassed at all!

Patient Reported Outcome Measures


One of the things that has jumped out at me in the time I have been hosting our Virtual Support Groups and in my short time as the WMUK Patient Support and Information Manager is the very clear difference there is in our care pathway as a WM family. It seems that some of us, (me included) are geographically fortunate enough to be living in a region where there is a WM Specialist in the Haematology Dept, in my case Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital, where we can expect to receive the very best available and current care. …

Bob Perry

Bob has been living with WM for 6 years and is determined to raise the profile WM, helping patients advocate for themselves.

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